Solar Tracker

Intelligent solar trackers for renewable energy efficient buildings and homes

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What happens when a guy from Rajasthan makes efforts to disrupt the world through homegrown innovations in energy generation. What follows is a long chain of experiments and endeavors. Rooftop Solar Tracker is one of the results of those experiments. A unique, plug and play design this machine tracks the sun from dawn to dusk thereby ensuring that window of peak solar insolation over the Photovoltaic widens by about 40%. Alternate energy sources allow us to take control of our life while doing our bit towards ensuring a sustainable environment and greener planet.


All those who have contributed to this project through its various stages of evolution are Anush Nayak, Sudeer Marpady,Nina Prabhu, Deepak Chaturvedi, Jatin Arora, Ram Rattan, Mohit and Lakshya.