Intelligent Home

Intelligent Home
Radio frequency based remote control for my home

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The stories of Bill Gates intelligent automated home always inspired us to bring in intelligence to the homes of Aam Aadmi (not the political party!). We felt that the use cases for such a gizmo are much greater in an Indian home. Take these - an old and sick elder trying to sleep but not having enough energy to get up to switch off the lights of his room, getting clammy & sweaty but unable to get up to switch on the fan as our cricket team is in the midst of a crazy over and they need me glue to the TV praying for them, hating the prospects of entering a dark house when rest of the family is away for a movie...Our list went on and on and so we set out with a mission to bring out a simple and low cost home automation product. Over past several months the product has gone from ideation to prototyping and then to early stage productization. After fixing several big and small problems with our alpha customers, we are readying it for a beta launch.


The team which worked through various phases of this product are Amit Sangwan (he is currently busy meandering on lanes of New York & frolicking at Niagra Falls while pretending to be doing his Masters at NYU), Akash Tripathi (our mechanical enclosure team mate), Ravija(our productization champion), Ram (brainstorming anchor of our team) and Sawan (our highly efficient Mech team mate).